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11th November – Today In Our Footballing History

11/11/1952 Paris France 1-3 Charlie Tully

Norman Uprichard, Len Graham, Alf McMichael, Danny Blanchflower, Billy Dickson, Frank McCourt, Billy Bingham, Jimmy D’Arcy, Eddie McMorran, Bertie Peacock, Charlie Tully

This was the first time a team actually billed as “Northern Ireland” played an international match. It would be two years before FIFA officially requested that the name of the team be changed from simply Ireland.

Northern Ireland may have lost this return friendly match in Paris but it will be remembered for France’s two first half goals. The first was scored with 12 French players on the pitch while the second came from a pass via a player who was yards offside!

Northern Ireland had the first chances to score when a McCourt free-kick narrowly missed Cesar Ruminiski’s left-hand post. Eddie McMorran also had a chance on goal following good work from Bertie Peacock and Charlie Tully on the left.

On 26 minutes French player Thadée Cisowski was injured following a collision with Frank McCourt and was replaced by Jean Baratte. However, the French trainer instructed the injured Cisowski to renter the field but Baratte did not leave his position! On 30 minutes Baratte the extra man on the pitch appeared to handle the ball before crossing for Joseph Ujlaki to score past Norman Uprichard. The Northern Irish players surrounded the referee in protest who should have disallowed the goal because he did not signal for Cisowski to return to the pitch.

France scored their second through Raymond Kopa however, André Strappe who made the assist was so far offside that the Northern Irish defence stood still and looked at him expecting the referee to blow his whistle.

Regardless Northern Ireland grabbed a goal back on 40 minutes. A Danny Blanchflower free-kick found its way to Charlie Tully who subsequently tucked it away.

Northern Ireland sought an equaliser with Tully, McCourt and Blanchflower coming close but on the break France remained dangerous and could have scored another themselves with two decent saves from Uprichard via Kopa and Strappe shots.

The game was sealed when Kopa raced down a gap within the middle of the Northern Irish defence and struck a low shot past Uprichard and into the net.

Source: Magheramesk

France Beat Ireland



1952_france_ireland_03 Source: Miroir Sprint from 17/11/52

Source: Miroir Sprint from 17/11/52

Source: Billy, A Biography of Billy Bingham by Robert Allen (1986)


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11/11/1987 Belfast Turkey 1-0 Jimmy Quinn

Allen McKnight, Gary Fleming, Nigel Worthington, Mal Donaghy, Alan McDonald, John McClelland, Norman Whiteside, Kevin Wilson (Dave Campbell), Colin Clarke, Jimmy Quinn, Danny Wilson (Lee Doherty)

Billy Bingham:

“Since then [1986 World Cup in Mexico] it had been a mere holding operation as personnel changed. For us it was a time for using tactics to prevent us from being turned over. That would have been disastrous for morale in the long process of rebuilding on limited playing resources.”




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10th November – Today In Our Footballing History

10/11/1937 Aberdeen Scotland 1-1 Peter Doherty

Tommy Breen, Bill Hayes, Billy Cook, Matt Doherty, Billy McMillen, Billy Mitchell, Jackie Brown, Jimmy McAlinden, David Martin, Peter Doherty, Jackie Coulter

Original Source: The Scotsman

Online Source: http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/images/1937/1937111003.htm

Spotlight on Football by Peter Doherty Art & Educational Publishers; First edition (1947)

Spotlight on Football by Peter Doherty
Art & Educational Publishers; First edition (1947)

* Trivia –

In November 1937, Breen was caught in the middle of a dispute between the FAI and the IFA, when both associations wanted him to play for their respective national teams within the same week. Breen was called up by the FAI XI to play in a 1938 World Cup qualifier against Norway on 7 November. However, the IFA XI also called him up to play in a 1938 British Home Championship game against Scotland on 10 November.

The IFA’s own rules, however, stated that a player must not play for three days before an international fixture. Thus, if Breen lined up for the FAI XI against Norway, he would have been ineligible to play for the IFA XI against Scotland. As a result, when the IFA offered Breen a place in their team, it came with the condition that he drop out of the FAI XI. Breen’s club at the time, Manchester United, even offered to arrange for him to travel from Dublin to Aberdeen after the first game, but the rival associations failed to reach an agreement. Breen eventually opted to play for the IFA XI, and helped them to a 1–1 draw, but the decision cost him his place in the FAI XI.

Source: Wikipedia

The Belfast Telegraph’s ‘Ralph The Rover’ quoted; “The football community will applaud him for his decision. It took pluck to phone the secerety of the FAI [Joe Wickham] to say he was not playing for them and that is what Breen did. I salute him for being so plucky”. Meanwhile the Nationalist Irish News stated; “The IFA selectors practically held the pistol to Breen’s head and the Manchester United goalkeeper thus lost what would have been the unique distinction of playing for the Free State and the IFA in two International games.”

At the December meeting of the FAI the following month the FAI struck Breen’s name off their playing staff list and stated “that he be not invited to play for his country on any future occasion.”

Irish Dash Bets Laggard Home Half-Backs

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