07th November – Today In Our Footballing History

07/11/1956 Glasgow Scotland 0-1

Harry Gregg, Willie Cunningham, Alf McMichael, Danny Blanchflower, Jackie Blanchflower, Tommy Casey, Billy Bingham, Jimmy McIlroy, Jim Shields, Tommy Dickson, Peter McParland

Original Source: The Times

Online Source: http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/images/1956/1956110704.htm

Jimmy McIlroy: Right Inside Soccer [1960] –

“…Ireland were leading in the dying seconds of the match. That controversial character Charlie Tully had possession of the ball on Ireland’s left-wing, and attempted to loft a pass over the head of George Young: but Charlie fluffed his kick. The ball ran to Young, who drove it hard and high up the field, straight onto Lawrie Reilly’s head. In a flash Reilly had headed the equaliser, and we had been robbed of a win by a few seconds.”

“If only Charlie Tully’s kick had been a little higher. If only he had kicked the ball anywhere, other than to George Young. The referee would surely have blown for full-time before anything dangerous could develop. The ‘if’s, of course, count for nothing at the final count.”

“It is a measure of Peter Doherty’s achievements, however, that an Irish team should feel disappointed at getting only a draw on a football ground where in the past six-, seven- or eight-goal slaughters were anticipated.”

Great Defence And Poor Finishing Saves Scots


British Pathe Video Highlights

Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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