05th November – Today In Our Footballing History

05/11/1947 Liverpool England 2-2 Peter Doherty, David Walsh

Ted Hinton, Con Martin, Johnny Carey, Willie Walsh, Jackie Vernon, Peter Farrell, Davy Cochrane, Sammy Smyth, David Walsh, Peter Doherty, Tommy Eglington

Fittingly for a match played on November 5th, this was an explosive match with plenty of fireworks. When the dust had settled, Ireland had avoided defeat to England for the first time since 1928, having suffered 12 straight defeats to the men in white. Yet how close they had come to winning. England had, of course, been strong favourites at the outset, and might have scored a couple in the first half-hour. All in all, though, their approach play was spasmodic, and not at the level that had come to be expected.

Nine minutes after half-time, the Irish, thrillingly, took the lead, as Dave Walsh converted a cross from Doherty. Eglington and Smyth were then foiled in their attempts to put Ireland further ahead, as the English defence was all at sea. With 20 minutes to go, England were handed a lifeline as Matthews won a penalty. Alas, Mannion’s kick was saved by Hinton, and Ireland remained in front. With seven minutes to go, the Irish were still in front. It was at that point that Mannion atoned for his error, and scored the equaliser, having received the ball from Wright (who was in an unusually advanced position).

Soon after, Mannion sent Matthews away down the right, and his cross was volleyed home in some style by Lawton. It looked like utter heartbreak for Ireland, but there was to be a final twist. In the dying seconds, Eglington put over a perfect cross, and Doherty flung himself full-length to send the ball into the English net. He injured himself in so doing, but that only added to the sense of heroism that surrounded him at the final whistle.

Source: sites.google.com/site/englandmatchreports

Spotlight on Football by Peter Doherty Art & Educational Publishers; First edition (1947)

Spotlight on Football by Peter Doherty
Art & Educational Publishers; First edition (1947)

Match of Many Thrills

Charles Buchan: A Lifetime in Football


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  1. I remember as a teenager listening to this match onthe wireless and at the final whistle Raymond Glendenning describing Frank Swift carrying off Peter Doherty, his Manchester City team mate in his arms

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