01st November – Today In Our Footballing History

01/11/1950 Glasgow Scotland 1-6 Kevin McGarry

Hugh Kelly, Charlie Gallogly, Alf McMichael, Danny Blanchflower, Jackie Vernon, Wilbur Cush, Johnny Campbell, Kevin McGarry, Eddie McMorran, Peter Doherty, Johnny McKenna

Original Source: The Scotsman

Online Source: http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/images/1950/1950110101.htm

Danny Blanchflower –

“The night before the match a mob of Irish officials took over our hotel bar, singing the old songs all through the night. Some of the senior players played poker in the lounge until 11pm and then went up to their bedrooms and played more poker. ‘Uncle’ Gerry Morgan, our trainer, was doing the rounds like a security guard. He pleaded with the drunken officials not to sing so loud or they would waken the players. Then he would go up to the poker school and appeal to them not to rattle the card money in case some official heard it.”

“We were five goals down at half-time the next day. “What’s the matter with our team?” big Jack Vernon, our captain asked. “The trouble with the team is that everybody is holding the ball but the goalkeeper,” smiled Uncle Gerry.”

“I was not really in the mood but I had to laugh. I was supposed to be taking care of Billy Steel but I could not catch the little B——. It was my fourth match for my country but it was not the honour I had dreamed it would be. Four terrible matches added up to a nightmare of abuse and criticism.”

Steel Regains Form And Scores Four Goals


Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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