23rd October – Today In Our Footballing History

23/10/1968 Belfast Turkey 4-1 George Best, Eric McMordie, Derek Dougan, Billy Campbell

Pat Jennings, Dave Craig, Martin Harvey, Jimmy Nicholson, Terry Neill, Dave Clements, Billy Campbell, Eric McMordie, Derek Dougan, Willie Irvine, George Best

Source: http://nifootball.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/261-23-october-1968.html

Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly (December 1968)

Source: http://nifootball.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/261-23-october-1968.html

Northern Ireland vs Turkey match programme (30 March 1983)

Billy Campbell –

“All the Turks thought I was [George] Best that night and pestered me for autographs, it was the nicest compliment I’ve ever had. In my book, George was the greatest of all time, but that night he was over on the other wing having a quiet match by his standards. It was one of those dreamlike games for me. Every touch went right and I felt I could run forever. I scored my only goal for Northern Ireland and laid one right on ‘The Doog’s’ [Derek Dougan] head.”

Irish Score Three In Second Half



Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



One response to “23rd October – Today In Our Footballing History

  1. How any player can mistake Billy Campbell for George Best, especially as they are actually playing in the same game, is hard to believe. Billy himself was notoriously short sighted and once passed to a ball boy in the heat of battle under the Dundee floodlights!

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