18th June – Today In Our Footballing History

18/06/1980 Adelaide Australia 2-1 Noel Brotherston, Colin McCurdy

Jim Platt, Jimmy Nicholl, John O’Neill, Chris Nicholl, John McClelland, Tommy Cassidy (Bryan Hamilton), Terry Cochrane, Billy Hamilton (Colin McCurdy), Gerry Armstrong, Martin O’Neill, Noel Brotherston

Peter Sharne was on target again for Australia as early as the 5th minute, the hosts led 1-0 at HT but Noel Brotherston equalised with a powerful drive on 67 and Linfield’s Colin McCurdy headed the winner on 77.

Source: homepage.ntlworld.com/carousel

Sharne Scorcher Is Not Enough

Back row: Billy Bingham, Derek Wade, Malcolm Brodie, Billy Hamilton, Colin McCurdy, Derek Spence, Chris Nicholl, George Dunlop, Jim Platt, Jimmy Nicholl, John McClelland, John O’Neill, Gerry Armstrong, Bobby McGregor, Sammy Walker, David Bowen, Jack Balmer.

Front row: Tommy Cassidy, Bryan Hamilton, David McCreery, Tommy Finney, Martin O’Neill, Terry Cochrane, Tom Sloan, Noel Brotherston

Source: http://nifootball.blogspot.co.uk/2009/04/22-june-1980.html


Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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