07th June – Today In Our Footballing History

07/06/1986 Guadalajara Spain 1-2 Colin Clarke

Pat Jennings, Jimmy Nicholl, Mal Donaghy, John O’Neill, Alan McDonald, David McCreery, Norman Whiteside, Nigel Worthington (Billy Hamilton), Colin Clarke, Sammy McIlroy, Steve Penney (Ian Stewart)

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Striker Emilio Butragueno scored in the first minute and set up a goal by Julio Salinas to lead Spain (1-1-0) to a Group D victory over Northern Ireland (0-1-1).

Butragueno struck for the earliest goal of the tournament. He swooped in front of the net to take a pass from Miguel Gonzalez and kicked the ball past diving goalkeeper Pat Jennings into the far side of the net at 53 seconds.

A breakdown in the Irish defense and the quick work of Butragueno gave Spain its second goal. After the defense failed to clear to the right of Jennings, Butragueno pounced on the ball and fed Julio Salinas in front. Jennings was moving to his left when Salinas shot to the right to score at 18 minutes.

Colin Clarke scored in the first minute of the second half to pull Northern Ireland within a goal. Spanish defender Ricardo Gallego attempted an unwise header backpass and Clarke beat goalkeeper Antoni Zubizarreta to the ball to head it into the net.

Source: articles.sun-sentinel.com

Colin Clarke:

“My most memorable goal was against them [Spain] during the a World Cup in Mexico. I scored from a back pass with a looping header. It seemed to take the ball ages to drop into the net but it was a great moment for me. We were beaten 2-1, but I’ll never forget the World Cup in Guadalajara [Mexico].”

World Cup Mexico 86 - Group D - Spain v Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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