11th April – Today In Our Footballing History

11/04/1908 Aberdare Wales 1-0 Harold Sloan

Billy Scott, Alex Craig, Alex McCartney, Johnny Darling, English McConnell, Val Harris, Andy Hunter, William Hamilton, Harold Sloan, Charlie O’Hagan, Harry Buckle

Wales were not in good form going into this match with Ireland. Defeats had come in Dundee to the Scots 2-1 and at Wrexham to England 7-1. Ireland had lost both games against England 3-1 and Scotland 5-0.

Ireland and Wales were therefore both playing for pride and to avoid the wooden spoon thus both sides fought hard, with Ireland clinching a 1–0 win thanks to a goal from Harold Sloan (Bohemians). England and Scotland were unable to break the deadlock in their game and so drew the game and competition, as goal difference was not at this stage used to differentiate teams.

It had been decided by the FAW to continue spreading the football word to the south of Wales so the match was played in Aberdare in the Cynon Valley.

* Trivia –

Harold Sloan served as a second lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery in the British Army and was killed in action during World War I on 21 January 1917.

Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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