01st April – Today In Our Footballing History

01/04/2009 Belfast Slovenia 1-0 Warren Feeney

Maik Taylor, Gareth McAuley (Chris Baird), Jonathan Evans, Aaron Hughes, George McCartney (Ryan McGivern), Damien Johnson, Steven Davis, Grant McCann, Sammy Clingan, Warren Feeney, David Healy

Nigel Worthington –

“I told the players at half-time that we had to raise the energy levels by 10 percent. When you ask this group of players to do something they give their all and they upped it in the second half. We’ve got a nice number of points in the table but we have to keep on working hard and focus again for the game against Poland in September.”

“It was an even first half but the players turned it around in the second half against a strong, good team. I said to the players at the break that this was a heavyweight contest and the one that keeps going would win the game. Ryan McGivern was fantastic when he came on – he settled straight away and was strong and positive. We are bringing in the youngsters and they are adding to what we have got.”

N Ireland 1-0 Slovenia

Worthington delight after NI win


Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



On 01st April 1987 Irish Republican terrorists placed car bombs close to Windsor Park in Belfast as they had done before in 1985. The target on both occasions was the Northern Ireland v England games.

Original Source: Belfast Telegraph (02 April 1987)

Online Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20061128020744/http://www.ourweecountry.co.uk/telegraph87.html

Original Source: Belfast Newsletter (02 April 1987)

Online Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20061127121331/http://www.ourweecountry.co.uk/newsletter87.html



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