16th March – Today In Our Footballing History

16/03/1938 Belfast Wales 1-0 Joe Bambrick

Jim Twoomey, Billy Cook, Bertie Fulton, Tommy Brolly, Billy McMillen, Bobby Browne, Jackie Brown, Paddy Farrell, Joe Bambrick, Alec Stevenson, Jackie Coulter

Ireland went into this game having not lost for the last 4 games at home against Wales but the previous year Wales defeated the Irish 4-1 in Wrexham. Wales would have been the slight favourites going into this game but there wasn’t much difference in ability between the two sides.

The match was somewhat disappointing with Wales having the better of the play yet not really troubling the Irish goalkeeper James Twoomey (Leeds United), with the Welsh attack being described as being “lopsided”.

The winning goal for Ireland came on 80 minutes when a tame draw looked the most likely result, thanks to a mistake from Welsh defender William Hughes (Birmingham City). Alec Stevenson (Everton) passed the leather to his club teammate Jackie Coulter (Everton) who in turn beat Welsh defender Herbert Turner (Charlton) and sent a cross across the box. Welsh defender Hughes had assummed that the ball had went out of play and allowed Jackie Brown (Coventry City) to head the ball to Joe Bambrick (Chelsea) who chested the ball into the net.

It was inevitable of course that Bambrick would score in this game as 8 of his previous 11 goals for Ireland had come against Wales including a memorable double hat-trick in 1930. This was Bambrick’s final cap for Ireland and he finished with 11 caps scoring 12 goals a scoring ratio of 1.09 which is the best return from any Irish international who have scored 10 or more goals.

Author: Magheramesk

Late Goal Decides – Welsh Defenders Mistake – Disappointing Football


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