25th February – Today In Our Footballing History

25/02/1928 Glasgow Scotland 1-0 Jimmy Chambers

Elisha Scott, Andy McCluggage, Bob Hamilton, Sam Irving, George Moorehead, Gerry Morgan, Jimmy Chambers, Bobby Irvine, Sammy Curran, Jimmy Ferris, Jackie Mahood

Not since 1910 had Ireland defeated Scotland in association football. However, on this date in 1928 Ireland defeated a strong Scotland side at Firhill Park, Glasgow thanks to a goal from Jimmy Chambers (Bury). The Irish team was made up largely of second string players, and triumphed against all the odds. George ‘Barney’ Moorehead (Linfield) neutralized Scotland’s Jimmy McGrory (Celtic) while Elisha Scott (Liverpool) the Irish goalkeeper played the game of his life with contents bills of local newspapers contained the headline ‘Great Scott beats Scots!’ Irish fans who numbered a few hundred paid more for the bills as souvenirs than for the newspapers themselves!

When the match had finished and the large crowd began to disperse there was severe congestion and several persons were injured in the rush to leave the ground. Some fans were taken to the local Royal Infirmary with bruising and crushing injuries while an Edward Skidmore collapsed while leaving and narrowly avoided being trampled.

Author: Magheramesk

Original Source: The Times

Online Source: http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/images/1928/1928022503.htm

Irish Soccer Teams Pluck Rewarded

British Pathe Video: Ireland Wins – thrilling Soccer International with Scotland after close game by one goal to nil.

Original Source: The Scotsman

Online Source: http://www.londonhearts.com/scores/images/1928/1928022502.htm


Northern Ireland Footballing Greats



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