19th February – Today In Our Footballing History

19/02/1898 Llandudno Wales 1-0 John Peden

Tom Scott, William Gibson, Mick Cochrane, Billy Anderson, Bob Milne, John Lytle, James Campbell, Toby Mercer, James Pyper, James McCashin, John Peden

Ireland defeated Wales 1-0 at The Oval, Llandudno, to record their first ever away victory stretching back to 1882 when the team began playing regular matches against its neighbours.

The weather was dull and with a threat of rain but it didn’t put off the 8,000 spectators from attending.

John Peden (Linfield) was the Irish goal scorer near the end of the game when his 85th minute shot went into the net.

* Trivia –

Goal scorer and match winner John Peden at the age of 35 was presented with the match ball and for many years this was displayed in the window of his confectionery and tobacconists’ shop (‘The Forward’) in Sandy Row, South Belfast to which was attached a verse: “This is the ball that did the trick and I’m the man who gave it the kick.”

Shortly after this match John even though in the tail end of his career was described in Ireland’s Saturday Night (05 March 1898) as “One of Ireland’s great forwards… A player who exercises a lot of judgement in all his play. Has never failed to come up to expectations in an important match.”

Author: Magheramesk

The Glasgow Herald Match Report

Northern Ireland’s Footballing Greats



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