12th February – Today In Our Footballing History

12/02/1910 Belfast England 1-1 Frank Thompson

Billy Scott, Sam Burnison, Patrick McCann, Val Harris, English McConnell, Johnny Darling, William Renneville, Billy Lacey, James Murray, John Murphy, Frank Thompson

Ireland played well and earned a deserved point, though it was not a particularly memorable match. Amongst the debutants were both full backs, who were both noticeably poor in this game; neither was called up again. Woodward was unusually ineffective, being as he was tightly marked by Harris. Incidentally, Woodward had moved from Spurs to Chelsea since the last England international, and now became the first Chelsea player to captain England.

The Irish took the lead just before half-time with a shot from Thompson that gave Hardy in the English goal no chance. Scott, on the other hand, would be disappointed at having let Fleming’s equaliser for England sneak past him, though he did make several good saves too. England, with five debutants, were unable to impose themselves as effectively as they would have hoped.

Ducat was one England debutant who did have a fine game. He was another football/ cricket dual international, and although his Test cricket career lasted only one match, it was notable nonetheless. In the first innings, he was doubly out; his bat disintegrated on contact with the ball – the ball was caught, whilst a part of his bat dislodged the bail at the same time! Playing in a wartime match at Lord’s in 1942, he had a heart attack after lunch and died – the only man to die whilst playing at Lord’s. He was 56.

Author: Peter Waring

Source: sites.google.com/site/englandmatchreports

The Glasgow Herald Match Report

Taken at the Belfast Celtic museum.  Likely to have been awarded to Patrick McCann who played for Belfast Celtic at the time.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ireland_national_football_team_(1882–1950)


Taken at the Belfast Celtic museum. Likely to have been awarded to Patrick McCann who played for Belfast Celtic at the time.

Northern Ireland’s Footballing Greats



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